Best Time To Travel To Bhutan? NOW!

Visiting the tiny Himalayan Kingdom – sandwiched between India, Tibet, and Nepal – may be the closest you’ll come to finding the mythical Shangri-La. The mountainous country offers one jaw-dropping view after another. And it’s a rare cultural immersion into a Buddhist kingdom and a distinctive way of life. Now is the best time to travel to Bhutan!

National Happiness

The people of Bhutan are open and friendly with a wry sense of humor. Famous for its promise of ‘gross national happiness’ to citizens. The Bhutanese government has chosen a ‘high value, low impact’ approach for welcoming travelers into its Kingdom.

Whether you choose to hike the famous Trans Bhutan Trail or enjoy the sights through day trips from your five-star hotel. Such as andBeyond Punakha River Lodge, which recently opened, joining Aman, Six Senses, COMO, and several other luxury brands. A visit here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire the art and architecture of Bhutan’s unique Buddhist temples and chat with its monks. In addition, English is commonly spoken here.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventure is easily found. River rafting is popular, but even more so is hiking portions of the Trans Bhutan Trail to explore ancient forests and get closer to the country’s legendary birdlife. There are over 760 species, some of the rarest in the world. As well as past yaks grazing in mountain pastures and monkeys in the trees overhead. Often, you’ll wander through rural villages where locals invite you in for lunch.

Adventurers will want to hike the cliffside trail to Western Bhutan’s famous Paro Taktsang monastery, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. The trail offers a stair climber workout, ascending to an elevation of 10,232 feet. Through massive rhododendron bushes and pines, passing by prayer wheels and thousands of fluttering prayer flags. While it may be tiring, you’ll be amazed to see young monks speeding past you on the trail, wearing flip-flops!

Visitors can also ride donkeys halfway up to the mid-mountain café. However, everyone must arrive at the temple on foot, where monks welcome guests inside for tours of the exquisite interior rooms filled with golden statues, sacred shrines, and often, groups of chanting monks.

Travel To Bhutan

It takes a long time to reach Bhutan, but we are the key to ensuring that the intricate visa and flight process to enter the Kingdom is done right (only two airlines fly into the country). Exploring Bhutan is a cultural immersion experience that is not soon forgotten.

Explore Bhutan’s unique Buddhist culture in a hidden Himalayan kingdom. The best time to travel to Bhutan is now! Experience Bhutan.

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