Sailing Vacations

The allure of setting sail for adventure and relaxation aboard a ship is captivating more travelers than ever. In addition, it’s easy to see why when you consider the myriad of options catering to various tastes and adventure levels. Here are what types of sailing vacations you may consider!

Why Sailing May Be Your Next Favorite Holiday

Cruises come in all different styles of travel. Smaller expedition ships to explore the Poles or the Galápagos, for example. On the other hand, sleek, boutique boats with luxe overnight accommodations to ply the waters of the Nile or Amazon Rivers.

River Cruise

Prefer the exclusivity and intimacy of a small ship voyage? Look for river-cruise ships that take travelers to the historic cities and towns along Europe’s famous rivers. And expect truly sybarite sailings to be had on board small ships run by trusted luxury brands. For example, Ritz Carlton, Aman, and Four Seasons.

Private Yacht

Multi-generation groups might consider private yachts reserved for your group to sail the jaw-dropping coastlines of Turkey. As well as in and out of Norway’s stunning fjords, or the over-the-top grandeur of Australia’s western coastline.

Theme Park Fun

Many families enjoy the theme-park fun of larger ships, where people of all ages are entertained with everything from waterslides to WaveRider surfing slopes to Disney-themed meals and off-shore adventures.

Let us guide you to the perfect ship and itinerary, tailored to your travel style. It’s your gateway to discovering your must-see destinations in a whole new light.

Ready to cast off into a sea of adventure? Let us tailor your perfect sailing vacations. Set sail today!

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