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Meet Julie Ann

At H Luxury Travel, we’re not just about touching down in new destinations; it's about launching into journeys exquisitely tailored to your individual dreams and desires. My experience and heartfelt passion for travel, combined with the joy of creating unforgettable moments for families, truly set the stage for what we offer. Let's not just talk about destinations; let me inspire you with tales of journeys transformed into extraordinary narratives, where every detail is a stroke of excellence in the masterpiece of your travel experience. At H Luxury Travel, we're not just planning trips; we're curating your dreams.

I founded H Luxury Travel drawing on my extensive experience as a travel advisor and fueled by my passion for exploring the world with my family. Traveling with my sons and husband has not only been a source of joy but has also inspired me to share this joy with other families. Each journey has deepened my love for the adventures and memories that come from experiencing new places together.
At H Luxury Travel, my aim is to elevate those moments for my clients, crafting impeccable, remarkable experiences for every journey they embark on. Whether it's a quiet getaway or an adventurous excursion, my goal is to ensure that every trip is laden with unforgettable memories, tailored perfectly to your dreams and desires.

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Julie Ann is an achiever by nature. Helping others reach their travel dreams is a passion.

My family loves to be on the go so you’ll likely find me shuffling our two boys to their various activities, volunteering at their school, or sweating it out on the tennis court (thank you, Alabama heat!). My husband and I both grew up traveling with our families. Being high school sweethearts, we’ve been traveling together for over 20 years. Whether it be relaxing in the Caribbean, sightseeing through Europe, or taking in the hustle and bustle of New York City, my attention to every detail makes our trips some of our most precious memories with our families and friends. I look forward to helping you create the vacations of your dreams.


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Ignited by a 6th-grade project on the UK, I've lived abroad for 5+ years, and exploring 35+ countries. From Mayan ruins to Viennese balls and Singapore's skyline, I've thoroughly enjoyed becoming immersed in diverse cultures. As your dedicated travel maestro, my mission is to create tailor-made adventures that exceed your expectations. From coordinating seamless group trips to curating solo escapes, I'm here to ensure every detail is perfect. Whether you crave the elegance of fine dining, the inspiration of art and history, or the thrill of adventurous pursuits, your dream vacation is my top priority. With experiences like cheering on FC Bayern and lounging at Cote d'Azur beach clubs, I bring a wealth of insider knowledge. I can't wait to work on adventures for you!