Why Small-Ship Luxury Cruising is Making Waves

Exciting things are happening in the world of small-ship luxury cruising travel. So it may finally be time to set sail on a new adventure.

Small ships make so much more sense for expedition exploring because of the up-close and personal access they offer. Not only can they bring guests into shallower, less visited ports but passengers are automatically nearer to the water. Which means they are also closer to the wildlife viewing it offers.

Small-ship Luxury Cruising

Picture yourself on the bowsprit nets as dolphins swim alongside while cruising in the Mediterranean, or imagine the sun setting over the Flores sea while you relax on deck after a day of watching Komodo dragons in Indonesia.

New ships and yacht charter companies, such as Rascal Voyages in Indonesia and Kontiki Expedition Cruises in Ecuador, are seeking a new type of vacationer – one who wants to get off the ship as much as they enjoy sailing on it. Kontiki’s yacht has just nine staterooms, with cultural and wildlife-focused excursions, including stops at Isla de la Plata (also known as small Galapagos).

Visit Europe On The Water

If you’re looking for something more European, buy out a luxury barge and savor the scenery and flavors of the French and English countrysides on exclusive excursions with your travel group. Around the turquoise waters of Turkey’s coastline, book a gulet (pronounced “goo-lay”) cruise.

Schooner-rigged and elegant, these ships are specifically designed to ply the waters of the Aegean and east Mediterranean. On the other side of the world, the raw natural shoreline of Western Australia – think cliffdrop waterfalls and the wildlife of Montgomery reef – is best explored on board True North Adventure Cruises grand, intimate ships. It offers activity-based itineraries on ships that max out at 18 staterooms.

Luxury small ship cruising brings the very best of boutique hotel life – fine dining and bespoke service – to the water. Fewer passengers mean no line-ups and no waiting to get offshore. Ready to set sail?

Sail into a new adventure on small expedition ships.

Plan your expedition!

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