Can You Leave The Airport During A Layover? Yes!

As many travelers turn their bucket lists into to-do lists. The savviest among us deftly add short vacations to their vacations by taking advantage of a layover. Can you leave the airport during a layover? It’s easy, really. Long-haul flights may be the price of exploration, but it’s worth every penny when a transfer city stay is extended to see somewhere new. Some cities make this easy, too. With hotels located within their international airport and quick and easy transit to the city center.  

Layover In Frankfurt

Add an extra 24 hours to your stop in Frankfurt, for example, and it’s only a 15-min ride into the city. Head right to the cobblestone streets of Sachsenhausen’s old town, the north end, for a glass or two of apfelwein, or apple wine, alongside the River Main. Those traveling through Frankfurt in late November/December – will have dozens of delightful Christmas markets scattered all over the city to wander through. Keep the mulled wine (gluhwein) mug as a souvenir.

Hong Kong

Have 12 hours to wait in Hong Kong? Why not go for a drink at Ozone. It’s the world’s highest bar, on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton hotel? Look out over the city from an impressive 480 metres. Ozone’s sky-high drink prices match the view, but sometimes it’s hard to put a price on I-can’t-believe-I’m-here experiences. For a taste of local life, ride the famous Star Ferry across Causeway Bay to the neighborhood of Kowloon. In Kowloon, find Shanghai Street to pick up an excellent kitchen knife as a souvenir.

Can You Leave The Airport During A Layover In Sydney?

If you have a long layover in Sydney, Australia – a half-hour cab ride into the city can drop you at Bondi Beach for a few hours of sandy oceanfront fun. If you want something more elegant, have your driver drop you in Paddington’s Oxford Street, or the “Paddo” to wander the restored homes and leafy streets and fine shops. For a quick hit – the Rocks neighborhood, once home to prisoners, is now tourist chic and brings you to the famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge views.

Vancouver Layover

In Vancouver, store your luggage at the upscale airport hotel, then venture to Vancouver International Airport’s seaplane terminal, where you can embark on a breathtaking flight that will showcase the stunning views of the coastline and majestic mountain ranges. Finish off your layover in style by indulging in a charming high tea experience at Victoria’s highly regarded Empress Hotel, located on the picturesque Vancouver Island, rounding off an unforgettable stopover experience.


In Dubai, go big or go home. Make the most of your layover by visiting the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, shopping at the planet’s largest mall, Dubai Mall, which also houses the biggest aquarium. Don’t forget to explore the immense Dubai Miracle Garden for a respite from city life, and to sample traditional Emirati cuisine at Madinat Jumeirah.

Can You Leave The Airport During A Layover? You Really Should!

Remember, a layover doesn’t have to be a burden – it can be a unique chance to explore a new city. The longer layover could give you an extra adventure to cherish.

Turn your transit into an unexpected journey of discovery. Let’s create unforgettable layover experiences.

Take your journey further!

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