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It’s hard not to feel the draw of Egypt’s thousands of years of history. Standing witness to the last ancient Wonder of the World – the Great Pyramid of Giza – is reason enough to make the trip, but it is merely one of many compelling reasons. When Planning A Trip To Egypt here is everything you need to visit!

Wonders of the World Await in Egypt

In Cairo, listen to the call to prayer as you head out to explore this incredible city – the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the Hanging Church and the Saladin Citadel in the central part of the town are must-sees. Plan to spend some time wandering Khan el-Khalili, Cairo’s large souk, or market, with its mind-boggling array of shops and vendors – photography opportunities (and bargains) are found in every aisle of the bazaar.

Go off-roading on a Jeep in the desert or head out to explore the dunes Lawrence of Arabia style (just substitute a camel), both can offer incredible night-sky viewing if combined with a Bedouin glamping experience overnight. And perhaps it’s time to teach the kids that Luxor isn’t just a big hotel in Vegas but one of the world’s greatest open-air museums. when Planning A Trip To Egypt, this is a must!

Ancient Temple

The ancient temple site is located in the Upper Nile Valley, and the city of Luxor is where many Nile River cruises cast off from. Whether they head north or south, these cruises take travelers into the heart of Egypt. Fly into Cairo early to ensure you take in the Pyramids and the Sphinx before transferring into Luxor, home to the Valley of the Kings.

Nile river cruises often run from August through May and take a break during the extreme heat of summer. The best time to cruise the Nile is October to April, though it will be busier. Work with us to discover the best locations and experiences for your family.

Planning A Trip To Egypt

Ancient treasures and stunning architecture make Egypt a country everyone should see, so start Planning A Trip To Egypt. Uncover Egypt’s mysteries!

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