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DNA tourism, genealogy tourism, heritage travel or ancestry travel. No matter what you call it, this is a big trend in post-pandemic vacations. While travelers were stuck at home, many traced their family tree and genealogists and researchers around the world reported a surge in records and background requests. And as a Family Travel Expert For International Travel I cannot recommend traveling to learn more about ancestry enough!

Getting to the Root of Ancestry Travel

Fueled with these facts, many travelers are booking trips to see the schools, homes, synagogues, churches and villages where their last name is well known. We can connect you with genealogists and historical guides. These professionals can do the research for you or help you plan a self-guided trip.

Irish Heritage

If you’ve got a drop of Irish blood, consider a sleepover at Dromoland Castle in County Clare. Where its resident genealogist investigates your family tree before your arrival and shares her discoveries in a professional presentation over afternoon tea in five-star splendor. DublinCork, and Galway are popular genealogy destinations in Ireland. Offering opportunities to trace your ancestry and immerse yourself in the country’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. From exploring ancient castles to savoring a pint in a cozy pub. Ancestry travel in Ireland promises a truly unforgettable experience.

Southern Africa Heritage Travel

With its multifaceted and varied history, South Africa presents an intriguing destination for those seeking to delve into their ancestry. Genealogy hotspots in the country include the Western CapeEastern Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal regions. Here visitors can peruse archives, tour historical sites, and collaborate with local genealogy groups. South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural landmarks provide an excellent opportunity to combine genealogy research with an unforgettable vacation.

Poland Heritage Travel

Warsaw, Poland has become a beloved destination for Jewish travelers seeking to explore their ancestral roots. Particularly those whose families were impacted by the tragedy of the Holocaust. Ancestry travelers can explore the city’s recreated Old Town with walking tours that draw visitors to historic Jewish sites and memorials. Plan your family’s heritage trip around Krakow’s Jewish Culture Festival. Which runs from June 28 to July 2 this year, to discover and celebrate Jewish artists and music.

Scottish Heritage

Want to see where the family tartan originates? Scottish memories are long, and guided trips through the highland villages will bring you closer to your clan. Combine a visit with detours to the country’s must-sees, such as the grand Eilean Donan Castle and wander the streets and shops of Edinburgh or Glasgow.

The urge and splurge to discover more about where your people came from are more than just a bucket-list tick. Travelers with more complex histories to navigate may find ancestry travel helpful to open doors to the past and hopefully fill in some gaps. Knowing your history helps inform your present — and can make for one incredibly memorable trip.

Exploring your roots lets you connect more deeply with a destination. Start planning your journey today!

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