South Pole vs North Pole

All polar travel makes for a great adventure, but which pole should you try first? Let’s explore South Pole vs North Pole. Which one will you choose?

North Pole

The arctic regions are easier to reach, with many tour operators offering cruises that sail around enormous blocks of ice and snow (there is no true fixed location) in the North Pole. Plus, there are many countries north of the Arctic Circle to choose from: Greenland, Iceland, the Svalbard archipelago, the Northwest Passage and the Canadian Arctic region.

Once you’ve crossed 66° 34′ N, start looking for puffins, reindeer, white wolves and hares. Stand at the rail of your expedition ship and watch for minke whales, narwhals and arctic terns playing in the slipstream. Then, keep your eyes on the night skies for the Northern Lights.

South Pole

There are two ways to reach the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth: by plane or sea. Most travelers head to the tip of South America – to the tiny town of Ushuaia – and work with a tour operator that sails for 48 hours across the infamous Drake Passage. Other visitors prefer to board a small plane for a two-hour flight to Antarctica.

In this region, watch for penguins, whales, seals and sea birds aplenty. Look to book a smaller ship for better access to wildlife. Several cruise lines offer offshore excursions in the region for a taste of the remote beauty of the South Pole.

Trip Of A Lifetime

But if this is your trip of a lifetime – the wonders of Antarctica should be explored in the finest of style with White Desert. The British tour operator works with small groups at their luxurious tented camps on the continent. Fly in or sail, it’s up to you.

South Pole vs North Pole – one thing travelers need to do is start planning at least a year in advance. Will you head north, south or be one of the few who explores both poles? Start your polar adventure.

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