Where To See Northern Lights 2024

Travelers are heading north – far north – in 2024 since the odds of witnessing the ethereal glow of aurora borealis have skyrocketed. This year, scientists have noticed that increased activity from the sun (forcing a solar wind of particles toward Earth, which reacts with the planet’s magnetic field) is causing a bumper crop of beautiful skies at the most extreme latitudes. So let’s talk about where to see Northern Lights 2024!

Where To See Northern Lights 2024

There’s never been a better time to book this adventure of a lifetime. Where wintery fun such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and glacier hiking while away the daytime hours.

In the U.S., head north to Fairbanks, Alaska, and consider Canada, which has more northern regions to get your glow on—Whitehorse in the Yukon or Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, and Churchill, north of Manitoba. Light shows can also appear in the Canadian Rockies when the solar activity is strong.

If you’re drawn to unique accommodations and sky watching, expand your adventure to include staying in igloos in Sweden. And visiting ice hotels in Finland, alongside cruising up to Tromso, Norway, and Lapland. Experience the Arctic from a cozy igloo under the Swedish stars or from the frosty elegance of a Finnish ice hotel. Both offering unparalleled views of the aurora.

Hurtigruten’s ships, sailing directly under the Aurora Oval through Norwegian and Lapland waters, are so confident in their Northern Lights sightings that they offer a money-back guarantee for each sailing. This combination ensures a mesmerizing journey through the Arctic’s most magical winter landscapes.

Don’t forget the South Pole! Where the Southern Lights (as they are called here) glow in their winter months, between March and September. Consider Tasmania, off the south coast of Australia, and southern cities such as Dunedin, New Zealand. Or book passage on a “moving observatory” to cruise around Antarctica. Adventure tour companies such as White Desert also offer a fly-over-the-Drake-Passage option to explore the continent.

Let’s make this the year you witness the aurora.

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