Best Cities In Europe To Visit To Escape The Hustle

IYKYK is a hashtag that you’ll use on every social post once you start exploring Europe’s lesser-known countries. If You Know, You Know! Why spend time waiting in line or pushing through crowds when you could be hiking in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, sipping premium beers in Belgium, shopping for delightfully modern design in Copenhagen or exploring the culture and landscapes of Romania. Here are the best cities in Europe to visit to escape the hustle.


This compact country blends Mediterranean charm and alpine grandeur, and since it shares borders with Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria, it’s surprisingly easy to combine Slovenia with other destinations. Slovenia’s coastline may be short, but it is stunning – the seaside city of Piran is a delight with beautiful Italian-influenced architecture and cuisine. Nature is never very far away either; make sure to wander through the forests and lakes of Zelenci Nature Reserve or head into the Julian Alps for more adventurous hikes.


Theme park lovers must see Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks (opened in 1843), which inspired Walt Disney to open his California playland. Hop on a bike to cycle around this two-wheel-friendly city like a local, then revel in the simplicity, functionality, and elegance of Danish design – evident in the architecture, homeware, and furniture stores you’ll find everywhere. Fuel up on smørrebrød – rye bread piled high with meat, cheese, fish or vegetables.


Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp; these small cities pack an incredible architectural punch with a grand mix of medieval, neo-classical and art nouveau buildings. And the food! Pick up some Belgian chocolate as well as the country’s unbeatable beer, but don’t miss the famous frites (skip the ketchup, go for the local mayonnaise dip) and an authentic Belgian waffle, dripping with fruit and cream and syrups of all sorts.


This country, found at the crossroads of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, will surprise you. Soak up the Old World charm of Bucharest or explore the natural beauty of the Danube Delta and the Black Sea shore and drive the twisty roads through the Carpathian Mountains.

Best Cities In Europe To Visit

Don’t miss cultural sites such as the eight-painted monasteries in Bucovina — medieval churches covered with Byzantine frescoes and marked as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Fascinated by Dracula’s castle? Head to Brasov and walk through Bran Castle, the only castle in Transylvania that fits author Bram Stoker’s description and honors the myths and legends with spectacular views and a restored royal residence.

Fall in love with the lesser-known Europe. Let’s start planning!

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