Overseas Adventure Travel 2024

New year, new destinations! We’re excited to share twenty-one trending locations around the globe. Each a perfect destination to create unforgettable memories and immerse yourself in new experiences. And of course we included overseas adventure travel 2024!

As you plan for this year’s milestones – a significant birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or graduation. Our Travel Trends Guide is designed to inspire your next journey and fuel your passion for travel. Let 2024 be the year of remarkable, enriching travel adventures guided by our carefully curated insights.

Slow Down, Take a Beat, and Explore More

If there’s one New Year’s travel resolution we’re going to keep it is to slow down and see more on our trips. It’s more important than ever to add an extra day or night so there’s time to unwind and wander. Time to spend an afternoon people-watching from a streetside café, or seeing more of a museum. Not just blowing past the bucket-list exhibits within cultural touchstones such as London’s Tate Modern, for example.

Slow travel doesn’t mean dull, endless days of nothing planned. It is all about opening your itinerary to allow for spontaneity and getting to know a destination better. Let yourself get lost, say, in the hidden traboules (passageways) of Lyon or the campis and callis (squares and tiny streets) of Venice. Spending more time in Venice, for example, means you can work with locals at Row Venice to learn how to pilot a gondola in canals far off the beaten path – a view of the busy city few see.

Your vacation days are precious – we understand! Ask us how we can work some breathing room to your trip. Start Planning overseas adventure travel 2024.

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