Best Travel Gifts By Family Travel Expert For International Travel

The gift-giving season is upon us. Call us biased, but the best present is the gift of travel. Here are a few best travel gifts to get you started from Family travel expert for international travel.

Assouline’s Destination Travel Series

Assouline’s destination Travel Series of coffee-table books make a hefty, heartwarming offering. Pick one that lets someone relive a great trip. Such as 300 pages and 200 illustrations of Mykonos, or the snowy mountains of Gstaad, or perhaps it’s the beaches of Miami and Ibiza, to name a few. In addition, new this season – a massive tome dedicated to Paris’s Plaza Athénée hotel and James Bond’s iconic destinations.


If you don’t already use these wee trackers in your luggage, start now. Traveling carry-on isn’t always possible. Adding an electronic tracker inside your suitcase and linking it to your phone means you’ll always know where that bag is every step of the way. You’ll even likely know more than the airline if your bag gets misplaced.

A Global Cooking Class

For the traveler who loves culinary adventures, a gift certificate to a global cooking class can be an exciting and unique present. Many cooking schools now offer classes that focus on international cuisines, providing an immersive experience right from the kitchen. This gift allows the recipient to explore the flavors of the world and learn new cooking techniques, even when they are not traveling.

Best Travel Gifts Are Together

Perhaps the best gift is a trip you’d like to take with your loved one. We can sketch out the details and print out an enticing, colorful itinerary, which can be wrapped up for gift-giving. Think ahead to the big celebrations amongst your friends and family – graduation, significant birthdays, anniversaries – there’s always a good reason to get out into the world and explore.

Looking for the ultimate travel gift? We’re here to help with more ideas and booking the perfect trip for your loved ones. Explore Gift Ideas with us!

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