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Your favorite five-star hotel brands are getting into the superyacht business with luxury cruising. Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Aman are bringing it all. With their attentive, white-glove service, culinary expertise and high-thread count linens to an ocean near you.

As a result, they are far from the megalith ships that characterize the the cruise industry. Above all, these sleek, smaller vessels will feel like a private charter with all the bells and whistles of the hotel name you know and love. It’s an opportunity to nudge the traveler in your life. Who wouldn’t normally ever go near a cruise to take a look at what’s different about the superyacht lifestyle.

Perhaps one of the most important differences is that these smaller vessels can slip into shallow harbors. For a more intimate destination experience (and we’re looking at you Mykonos, Saint-Tropez and St. Barths). Which is why as we love these cruising experience as a family travel expert for international travel.

Luxury Cruising With Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has already set sail with its first ship — the Evrima — which sails with under 300 passengers. There are no cabins, just 149 suites. Certainly, each with a personal concierge and Champagne chilling upon arrival.


Interestingly, on the Evrima, two-story loft-style suites are expected to make in-room entertaining easier. So it’s a great ship to travel on with friends and family for big celebrations. The Ritz-Carlton collection will launch two more yachts in 2024.

Luxury Cruising With Four Seasons Yacht

In 2025, expect the 679-feet Four Seasons yacht to set sail. The ship will feature 95 suites, which can be reconfigured for larger family gatherings. The brand is also promising the largest pool deck for ships of its class. And 11 onboard restaurants as it makes its way through Caribbean and Mediterranean waters.


Aman will also set sail in 2025 with a 600-foot ship it’s calling “Project Sama” for now. Expect 50 suites, all with private balconies. Amongst all the usual high-end culinary, spa and amenity offerings. Aman is known for, two heli-spads will be on the ship for guests to use. Aman’s new ship will focus on health and wellness and is expected to include the first Japanese garden at sea.

Luxury Cruising

As luxury hotel brands venture into the superyacht business, the cruising landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Embracing the superyacht lifestyle offers an unparalleled fusion of sophistication, bespoke experiences, and exclusive access to some of the world’s most enchanting destinations.

Step on board a yacht with the attention to detail of your favorite five-star hotel. Set sail!

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