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Get ahead of the trend and plan Mediterranean vacations to lesser-known islands. Where the beaches are quieter and the focus is on natural beauty, not crowds of tourists. Start the new year off on a high note with a trip that is sure to be a conversation starter among friends and family. These islands offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And a chance to discover something new and unique.

The Azores

Start by taking another look at the Azores, just off the coast of Portugal. This archipelago in the Atlantic is the exposed tips of underwater mountains. Three islands (Graciosa, Flores and Corvo) are UNESCO biospheres full of great hiking and walking trails. Mild weather and warm water also mean the Azores is the perfect year-round destination for watersports.


Croatia’s Korcula is one of the country’s Adriatic islands that most visitors don’t get to as it’s just a little bit farther from the cities of Split and Dubrovnik. Which makes it perfect for an off-the-radar holiday. The ancient architecture in the squares and churches of Korcula Town (often called Little Dubrovnik) will charm you. Since you’re so adventurous, seek out the home of famed explorer Marco Polo. Which the city also claims as a native son.


You’ve been to Tuscany? Now explore the heart-stoppingly beautiful islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Legend has it they were formed from jewels that fell from Venus’s tiara as she rose from the sea. Elba, the largest island, is an hour’s ferry ride from the mainland. Home to the delightful harbour town Portoferraio, and don’t miss the renowned cliff-backed, crystal clear waters of Sansone beach. Another must-see: Palazzina dei Mulini, home to Napoleon during exile and now a museum.


Maybe you’ve heard of Tenerife but haven’t made it out there yet? Just off the coast of West Africa and Morocco, it’s the largest of Spain’s Canary islands. Easy to reach, it’s also easy to move beyond the busier areas. Head north to hike in the lush, eerie, fairytale wilderness of Anaga Rural Park – grand views of the island are a bonus. Or head to Güímar’s mysterious volcanic stone pyramids for a fascinating wander around structures that continue to confound historians. And this far off the mainland, the night-sky burns brighter – head up to Mount Teide in the national park or hire a guide to take you to the mountaintops in the village of Masca for unbelievable views. 


In the Aegean sea, discover the blend of Turkish and Greek cultures in Bozcaada off the west coast of Turkey. Wine has been made on the island for centuries, and it’s an incredible discovery for vinophiles, as winemaking is a long-held and delicious passion here. Visit in shoulder season if you can, as this is a popular getaway for Turks and Turkish hipsters who fill the worldly cafes and restaurants and idyllic beaches in the summer months. Literature and history geeks will love it, too; Bozcaada played a role in The Illiad (when it was called Tenedos) and nearby on the mainland, a museum opened in Troy in 2018 to detail the area’s past.


Three days in laid-back Koufonisia, a Greek island, is just the right amount of time to take in the turquoise water, warm sands and Cycladic architecture. In fact, it’s not just one island but three, all found on the eastern edge of the Cyclades, though Pano Koufonissi is where you’ll want to stay. The low-key fishing community offers a slow-paced beachy escape with fantastic seafood meals and a few beach bars to meet the locals.

Mediterranean Vacations

Let’s make your warm-weather vacation more interesting on marvelous lesser-known islands. Get me to Mediterranean vacations!

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